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China Textile Association: the second batch of the credit evaluation company officially launched

  July 22, 2010, China Textile Industry Association issued "on the second batch of companies to inform the credit evaluation" (in the textile agreement letter [2010] 134), marking the second batch of China Textile Industry Association, the credit rating company work officially started.
  China Textile Industry Association on June 8, 2010 for the first time released Dragon Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Hao 31 AAA grade credit enterprise of evaluation results, has caused strong repercussions in society, strongly promoted the formation of the textile industry wide good atmosphere of honesty , and comprehensively promote the textile industry to enhancing the level of credit. 新作映画 人気アニメ
China Textile Industry Association, summed up the first batch of the credit evaluation on the basis of work experience, develop in the second half will focus on: continuous improvement in credit evaluation index system and management practices while continuing to carry out the second batch of corporate credit evaluation; vigorously carry out the credit business publicity and promotion of credit evaluation; in case the conditions are carried out to choose the credit training. Credit evaluation will focus on four aspects of work: in accordance with the "professional associations, business-based recommendations in key areas, the media momentum to encourage the voluntary declaration of general business supplemented by" the working path, focus on the second batch of corporate credit evaluation; study and formulate Evaluation sub-sectors; actively play the role of professional associations and experts, to establish a "corporate self-assessment and expert evaluation of the combination of materials and field studies reported the combination," the evaluation model; based on the high quality evaluation services, evaluation of the increasing Association of Quality to expand the influence of credit rating.
  It is understood that China Textile Industry Association will carry out corporate credit rating for years the work of two groups in the society each year of evaluation results. The second batch of the credit evaluation will officially begin in August, enterprise application materials until September 30, evaluation results are expected to release in mid-December.
   韓国ドラマ dvd 激安 激安 dvd 中国Rating Company conditions apply: (a) China Textile Industry Association member companies and member companies hosting professional associations; (b) in the last three years among the main business income; registered capital of not less than 5 million yuan; enterprises in non- off, stop the state from continuing operations; (3) business without serious dishonesty offense the past three years have not been too commercial, taxation, environmental protection, quality supervision, customs and other departments of the serious penalties.
  China Textile Application Credit Rating Company landing net (, complete the registration, login and download the relevant documents, fill out the "China Textile Industry Association for Enterprise Credit Evaluation Form", print and fax it to seal the credit association Office (010-85229304), you can officially start grievance procedures.
  China Textile Industry Association on the credit quality of the companies will focus on promotion in the following areas:
  1, the domestic and foreign government departments, financial institutions, focused on promoting economic organizations;
  2, to maintain a working relationship with the association of foreign trade association focused on promotion;
   3, to focus on promotion of foreign famous enterprises;
  4, to the States embassies, the Chinese embassies and consulates Hot;
  5, anti-commercial fraud network in China, China Textile Economic Information Network, textile and apparel magazine, "China's textile" magazine, "Eastern culture" magazine, China Textile credit network, "China Textile Industry Development Report" and the websites of various professional associations Journal of the highlights of the media.

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